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VWi and CreditSafe are complementary partnered to provide VWi Clients with CreditSafe Programs and CreditSafe Client our 3rd Party collections and Outsourcing solutions. Contact us to find out more about our mutual benefits in support of credit to cash  optimization.

About CreditSafe

As the world’s most used provider of business credit reports, we’ve changed the way business information is used through our passion to deliver superior business data.

Creditsafe delivers the most accurate and up-to-date information in an easy to use format on over 365 million businesses worldwide. Our ratings & limits are endorsed by all of the major credit insurers. This makes our ratings & limits among the most trusted in the industry and can predict nearly 70% of insolvencies up to 12 months in advance. By creating the world’s most predictive scorecard, our clients are able to make more informed decisions to protect themselves and their businesses of potential risks in advance.

We make our business credit reports easy-to-understand, so anyone can use them, even those without a financial background. Thanks to our ease of use, international reach and continuous improvement to our products, Creditsafe is proud to maintain a 95% customer retention rate.

With 16 offices worldwide, Creditsafe offers instant access business credit reports in nearly every country in the world.

CreditSafe Coverage Map

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