• Data and Analysis

    VWi is addressing the greatest pain point for finance professionals – proactively reducing the cost and administrative workload for invoice/dispute resolution and collections processing.

  • Process Automation

    VWi builds a team dedicated to creating strong relationships with your customers.

  • Human Capital

    In the event of disputed transactions, short payments or cash exceptions, your dedicated team of VWi specialists will work closely with you and the customer to resolve and clear the transaction.

Graph Service

VWi has the ability to design a separate resolution team and incorporate an order hold process along with automated escalation and workflow treatment processes to quickly provide transparency to bigger root causes.


VWi’s proprietary tracking systems are designed to locate the root causes of business improvement opportunities allowing for improved visibility of reconciliation issues and reduce potential exposure.


Benefits include a dedicated reconciliation team, proprietary software designed to streamline the reconciliation process
Resolution of chargebacks and collections resulting from documentation of undivided valid credits issues such as, RMAs, volume discounts and debit balances as well as a seamless extension of your in house departments and advanced allowances team.

VWi Working Capital Management BPO Service Diagram