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Utilities Subrogation Claims Unit
VWi Experience
  • We communicate clearly and listen carefully to help manage your claims process for underground, overhead and property damange.

  • Deep adverse party research and skip-tracing automation bring forward recovery insights

  • Highly motivated experts delivery a clear and insightful approach to claims recoveries.

  • Legal and arbitration services managed by VWi counsel to maximize the litigation process

  • VWi WebServices provides you with access to real-time status, automated reporting and insights to our recovery process, progress, and results​.

VWi Utilities Loss Recovery Unit maintains a thorough knowledge of, utility location laws and regulations,  to determining liability, interpreting police reports, and processing restitution orders in addition to understanding requirements and regulations to your specific state, town, and county needs. VWi is uniquely positioned to be the partner of choice for delivering Subrogation claim recovery. Aligned in three segments of expert solutions, P&C, Utilities and Healthcare, VWi provides world-class customized services to our utilities for claims recovery. Our program is focused on maximizing returns on each claim and returning valuable revenue back to our clients.


Our solutions extend to the self-insured public or private utilities as well as oil, gas, water and electricity provider.

The process of assessing the Damage
  • 100% USA Onshore Delivery

  • Relentless focus upon compliance, and security

  • The collaborative platform for multi-industry and claims geographic specialization

  • Technology and application to accelerate the automation agenda

  • Multiple Locations and Business Continuity

  • Scalability to match your companies needs

  • Strategy segmentation based upon loss type, balance,  and exposure

  • Dedicated Customer Service support resources to ease administrative processes

  • Technology solutions to remove manual processes for account placement

VWi understands the challenges and opportunities as a specialized solution to the insurance and utilities industry for over 55 years. Disruptive change is occurring at an even faster pace than ever before, with digitalization and pressure to invest in innovative technologies to provide more self-service to all aspects of the claims process. VWi delivers the solutions to bridge competitive advantage and quality of insured retention through:


  • A value-based and low-risk transition from contract to Go-Live wholly supported by our comprehensive team of exceptional people with the right talent and expertise 

  • Acceleration of benefits by deploying industrialized methodologies: high quality and standardized processes, built in compliance and controls, our embedded relentless innovation and continuous improvement program;

  • Use of technology from VWi’s suite of technology tools to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and controls such as our proprietary platform;

  • Highly motivated and consultative people, not just delivering a scope of service, but listening and delivering upon our client’s vision. 

  • Remittance options to have cash collections realized in your office faster

  • Recovery Improvements through  faster cycle time to resolution

  • Automation Coupled with Process Efficiency provide improved resolution 

  • Insights and Analytics for continuous improvement and AI driven quality auditing

  • Scalable solutions provide optimized target operating model

  • Contingency fee-based program with zero upfront cost

VWi Results

VWi’s expertise in Subrogation solutions and our dedication to technology through our proprietary platform is the recommended solution for our global insurance and utility clients. The VWi tool-set brings a fully integrated platform that leverages data and information gathered throughout the end-to-end process. When coupled with a client-specific target-operating model and delivered through our highly skilled and dedicated teams, the solution accelerates claim collections, improves efficiency and compliance. The VWi tool-set provides built-in robust reporting capability, dashboard analytics and real-time presentation of critical data, supports strategic service delivery, decisions and root cause analysis

VWi Delivers a Different Approach
VWi Infrastructure Brings Greater Value

VWi WebServices

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