• Data and Analysis

    How an insurance company handles the subrogation function impacts its value to policyholders and shareholders.

  • Process Automation

    While financial stability, underwriting expertise and breadth of coverage remain important; an insurer’s claims service provides a clear opportunity to distinguish itself in the marketplace.

  • Human Capital

    As the industry’s capital position has been stretched by higher losses, lower investment income and the need by many companies to boost reserves, there is increasing pressure to use working capital more wisely.

Graph Service

Over decades, we have worked in tandem with insurers to improve policyholder satisfaction by establishing best practices to lower costs and retrieve greater recoveries. In today’s challenging economic times, insurers are turning to VWi to improve profitability and achieve meaningful differentiation.


We have an abundance of experience in assisting insurers in rethinking their organizations, adopting best in class claims processing and unlocking hidden value by optimizing and industrializing claims operations for high performance.


At VWi, our goal is to make sure you receive your fair share of claims. We utilize our domain expertise to periodically audit aspect of your subrogation program including Worker’s Compensation, PIP Insurance and Medicare Payments.