• Data and Analysis

    A critical arm of the I2C function is VWi’s cash application functionality which provides our client with solutions at which is typically the root cause of customer based issues.

  • Process Automation

    At VWi, we offer cash application consulting and dedicated working capital teams that support any function in your accounting cycle, and technology that will handle all of your deposits and provide you with access to payments, reports and correspondence as well as interface with your system.

  • Human Capital

    VWI processes all incoming deposits such as cash, checks, EDI, wire, or credit card payments. Our team provides you with all customer correspondence via mail, Internet, or other forms of image processing.

Graph Service

We design customized, tailor made cash and daily reconciliation reports that ensure accuracy and ease of audits.


Our imaging and OCR capabilities allow quick access to any posted payments made to our clients’ account.


VWi’s dedicated customer service accounting team has the ability to interface with our customers to quickly resolve unidentified cash deposits.

Auto Cash Application services include

  • Process building for data management – VWi seamlessly interfaces with your ERP and Billing management systems
  • EDI – Conversion processes along with key SLAs to mange the process of 820 EDI data
  • Rules and Solutions – The building of customer specific workflow to continually automate auto matching of customer data
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition for automation of applying hard copy customer remittance

VWi’s priority Cash Application Program is designed to interact with various accounting programs and lock box data as well as our deduction management solutions.