• Data and Analysis

    The pressure to do more with less has never been more intense. Yet, taking short cuts in credit decisioning and management in pursuit of the top line can drive up DSO and bad debt.

  • Process Automation

    How can you balance the compelling need for revenue growth with the equally compelling need for prudent risk management?

  • Human Capital

    At VWi, we provide Credit Management Services to assist mid -size and enterprise companies to mitigate risk and to support working capital management.

Graph Service

Our dedicated teams of credit professionals use the most advanced research tools and real-time data available to mitigate accounts receivables risk for all our clients.


By providing creative solutions focused on flexibility and enhanced portfolio statistical reporting, VWi is the partner you can trust to offer a full range of decisioning and portfolio management services that can help you stay on top of your most complex credit issues.


From delivering faster turnaround on initial applications, to providing consistent decisioning corporate-wide, to in-depth portfolio analysis and management, VWi’s Credit Management Services can help you manage any part of your credit process, including acting as your virtual credit department.

Utilizing robotic process automation to extract business information, the most advanced applications we can help you make good decisions fast. Whether you need transitional help or are committed to outsourcing as a business practice, you can rely on us to do more with less – and do it better and faster than you could in-house.

Credit management or credit control outcomes

  • Specialist credit management and credit law knowledge at your disposal
  • Professional and improved credit control
  • The ability to better use your staff resources and reduce overheads
  • Less credit risk
  • VWi will give you a customized outsourced credit management package that suits your needs, which can include the following:
  • Automated Scoring and Reporting tools
  • Assisting in the creation of a credit policy to meet your businesses needs
  • Advising and arranging credit insurance where appropriate
  • Preparation of credit application forms incorporating up to date standard terms and conditions of trade
  • Drafting and putting in place appropriate securities for your debtors
  • Providing professional credit controllers to follow up and ensure timely payment of your debts
  • Dealing with bad debt and giving you specialist abilities in bad debt recovery and legal action

VWi’s Credit Management Services include:

  • Predictive Payment Analytics
  • VWi’s dedicated team of credit specialists use research and real-time data retrieval to mitigate A/R risk. We offer innovative solutions focused on flexibility and enhanced portfolio statistical reporting.
  • Credit Application: A thorough analysis of information provided by bank and trades compiled into a detailed credit matrix utilizing components customized for your business. Create an on-line custom credit application for efficient and convenient credit scoring or choose from options to pull expanded financial data.
  • Rapid Reporting Services: Mitigating risk is an essential component of managing your working capital. We provide our clients with the information they need to make difficult decisions, through timely reporting, comprehensive credit reports, credit scoring reports and business summary reports.
  • Batch Credit Scoring
  • Comprehensive Asset/Skip Tracing
  • Detailed Credit Evaluation
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Credit Scoring Risk Mitigation: Whether you are determining risk within your existing client base or establishing a new customer, VWi can help you with an automated scoring and reporting module.
  • With VWi as your partner, we work with you to develop and execute a formal credit management policy with analytics.
  • Risk factors, tolerances, reporting requirements, and escalation paths are all established in advance. VWi credit managers then utilize industry leading credit products, as well as solicited financial information from customers to closely monitor customer credit risk.