• Data and Analysis

    VWi’s integrated Credit 2 Cash solutions delivers strategic planning and technical automation to realize operational efficiency, cost reduction and increased cash flow for their clients.

  • Process Automation

    Our unique end to end capabilities provide the exact industry specific methodologies to realize the right balance of customer risk through revenue recognition. VWi offers unparalleled C2C enablement to mid-market and enterprise companies.

  • Human Capital

    Our clients see VWi as a trusted outsourcing partner who invests a full range of talented resources and technologies to create a selection of customized solutions, rather than attempting a one-to-many fix.

Graph Service

VWi provides corporate decision makers with the solutions to move from simple transactional processes to an outsourcing business model designed to manage and provide complex C2C strategic functions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Our experience spans decades of service with over 2000 global clients. From the onset of every engagement, VWi is focused upon understanding the nuances of every company’s industry, market position, and business environment so that the C2C solutions provide the highest service levels — with the greatest ROI.


This customer-centric approach ensures that our clients receive the best possible solution in full alignment with their goals, and not a “one-to-many” model that primarily benefits the service provider.

Creating true transformation

Consistently seeking insights into emerging trends, VWi combines innovation and technology as a C2C platform that allows us to focus our energies on what is best for your entire business. We believe that our people who implement technology based platforms sets us apart from our competitors by significantly improving business process efficiency while shifting headcount and reducing costs. By incorporating expertise, strategic planning and technical automation to realize operational efficiency, cost reduction and increased cash flow; VWi is a trusted partner in enabling clients to have more competitive functionality.

Our clients and your industry have become more cognizant than ever about the bottom line and customer satisfaction as a competitive advantage. This is accomplished through business process optimization as executed by domain experts in your aligned sector. To further meet these objective, VWi’s clients and your industry trends show immediate course corrections away from outsourcing parts of a function to obtain modest savings or process improvements. Instead, they are taking a more complete approach by looking at the entirety of their C2C processes to gain larger savings and process improvement opportunities.