• Data and Analysis

    As businesses grow and the volume of transactions increases, the potential for financial error grows. As more businesses are aligned with various big box retailers, the complexity of each transaction grows.

  • Process Automation

    Companies need a fast and easy way to identify deductions and their root causes, thereby cutting down the need for escalation, large reconciliation processes, potential for major revenue leakage and additional days sales outstanding (DSO) due to slow resolution time frames.

  • Human Capital

    Being able to align execution with strategic intent is essential to VWi’s clients. By having real-time visibility into the order, fulfillment, returns, VMI, trade fund management and invoicing and payment processes, VWi maintains a comprehensive and consistent view of our clients’ deduction management needs.

Graph Service

We provide access to broad knowledge, highly automated technology and a dedicated team responsible for driving accurate results.


Direct benefits include reduced costs, improved collections from disallowed claims, faster resolution, cleaner accounts and incisive analysis of trends and root causes.


Helping our clients eliminate unnecessary deductions results in benefits ranging from lowered operating costs and increased productivity to a positive impact on working capital.

VWI efficiently addresses revenue leakage and DSO with our flagship Deductions Management Platform. The technology combines existing operational data elements from disparate systems, customers and vendors in a centralized uniform platform to reduce costs, improve collections, achieve faster resolution, produce cleaner accounts and achieve incisive analysis of root causes. VWi currently works with major Consumer Products, Home Entertainment and Manufactures / Distributors to improve their operational excellence and drive towards best practices to prevent revenue leakage.

VWI’s Deduction Management Solution: Our proprietary platform solution offers:

  • Automation to reconcile large numbers of credit and debits using custom algorithms to match partial and varied reference numbers.
  • Ability to forecast results and manage against them.
  • Drill-down reporting at both the enterprise-level for the CFO, as well as for customer and department performance management at the functional level.
  • Electronic receipt and logging of debit notes at article level, with automatic creation of summarized or detailed DMS Queries.
  • Exception reporting where d/n totals do not match detail, where remittance deductions does not match debit notes etc.
  • Customer and article details aligned with customer reporting systems.
  • Production of ‘Executive Dashboards’ distributed via the Web.
  • Auto Credit – automatic creation of credit notes from debit note details.
  • Customer Rolling Deductions placed into the actual aging buckets.
  • Customized Web Interface aligned with workflow.
  • Automation of manual processes facilitates speedier, more accurate reporting, reduces reliance on individuals e.g. Sales Forecast, CER, KPI, etc.
  • Auto Match – automatic matching of credits to deductions.
  • Auto Cash – quickly and effectively post cash, EDI, and payments to each transaction
  • Custom EDI and Mock EDI solutions
  • OCR and Document Automation solutions
  • Auto Proof of Delivery – Accessing and Attaching POD images to each transaction
  • Document Management – Solutions for the management of imaged credit, debit, POD, disallowed, recon, and others to the most granular lever of each transaction
  • Recon Process – Automation of information, integrated package and buyer presentation materials