• Data and Analysis

    VWI provides a suite of services to the healthcare industry, helping healthcare providers manage front end processes such as new patient enrollment and eligibility verification, while improving back office functions such as statement generation, patient collections, insurance rebilling.

  • Process Automation

    Our strategy is to provide our clients with best in class service and a strong value proposition.

  • Human Capital

    Our long-term history of success and continual expansion into the global medical servicing and collections allows us to provide a combination of industry-leading domain experience and allows our clients to benefit from our commitment to deliver value through increased recoveries, streamlined escalations and advanced reporting.

Graph Service
Medical Collections

VWi’s expertly-trained collectors manage your patient collections accounts with care. Our collectors establish contact with your patients and work with them to bring resolution to their accounts. During the collection process, we identify the responsible party and feedback to you any new or updated insurance information which results in getting your claims paid.


VWi’s Statement and invoicing services provides consolidated billing for multiple billing channels which decreases patient questions, improves invoice acceptance, increases efficiencies for existing staff by taking away patient questions, and increases cash flow.

Insurance Collections

To ensure quality, VWi passes each client’s account through 4 distinct phases – Carrier Contact, Carrier Response, Decision and Action, Analysis — with each task analyzed for quality improvement and predictive forecasting.

Initially, each account is reviewed to confirm the claim was submitted, that the claims data is complete and accurate, and for any carrier replies that may not have been auctioned. If any discrepancies are identified the claim is re-billed with the proper adjustments. For quality control all issues identified during the account review phase are categorized and quantified to assist our clients in addressing front end processing.

Carrier contact

The next phase of the cycle is direct contact with the carriers to determine the status of a submitted claim. It is during this phase that eligibility is confirmed, that receipt of the claim is confirmed by the carrier, and any updates as to the status of the claim are gathered. All information is catalogued for review by VWi and our clients. The carrier contact phase is the most important in increasing yields from the portfolio. It is essential that claims are followed up on timely and proper responses are submitted.