• Data and Analysis

    In a contracting economy, receivables become a prime concern for many companies as they stumble on roadblocks when it comes to reconciling their outstanding accounts. And when that happens, keeping a close eye on cash takes center stage.

  • Process Automation

    Working capital is squeezed at both ends as the business looks to negotiate better terms with suppliers, and at the same time guard against inevitable customer defaults.

  • Human Capital

    Traditionally, companies have engaged in time-consuming and manually intensive tasks to ensure accurate management of collections processes.

Graph Service

Inaccurate cash forecasting, disruptive customer service, increased volumes of receivables write-offs and time-intensive dispute resolutions are symptoms of an ineffective collections operation.

3rd Party ROI

VWi specializes in delivering custom collection solutions to increase our customers’ efficiency and provide the resources necessary to improve working capital.


VWI’s leadership in technology, program development and customer service provides the driving force behind our success. Advanced collection services equip you with the tools you need to recover the income your company deserves and needs.

Through our people, processes and technology, we are able to reduce delinquency. Our success in 3rd Party Collections is based on our highly acclaimed ability to effectively define assets and to utilize trade data. Multiple databases and innovative collection strategies are optimized to advance your accounts.


  • Working Capital Services
  • Order to Cash
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Subrogation
  • 3rd Party Collections
  • Credit Analysis
  • Invoicing EIPP
  • Cash Application
  • Deduction Management
  • Collections

Highly efficient collection portfolio management allows our skilled collectors to easily access deep view assets, skip-tracing and your custom business rules at the account level. Our expert teams of collection specialists are fully trained to consistently provide you with optimal returns. Each collector is fully trained on all FDCPA guidelines plus extensive compliance and rigor or applied standards to ensure professionalism and proper collection techniques. Our onshore and dedicated associates, providing you optimum results dispute resolution skip-tracing efforts and balanced negotiations

    Services Include

  • Skip-tracing
  • Payment negotiation and payment plan monitoring
  • Web Service Access
  • Contingency Fee Based Solution
  • Litigation services

As a VWI client, you have the ability to monitor our performance or to communicate directly with our team of collectors by logging into Web Services for 24/7 access to your account information, reporting and credit services.

With over 2000+ clients across various industries and representing most of the Fortune 500, our enterprise wide solutions provide compliant and effective strategy to recover your past due receivables.