• Data and Analysis

    WebCollect O2C Pro is VWi’s Technology platform and is the heart of credit, collections, cash application and dispute management. It is a fully integrated tool that leverages data and information gathered throughout the order to cash process.

  • Process Automation

    Our end to end integrated solution accelerates cash collections and improves efficiency. WebCollect’s built-in robust reporting capability, dashboard analytics and real-time presentation critical data supports strategic credit decisions and root cause analysis with ease.

  • Human Capital

    WebCollect uses methodology and systems developed over the years with the help of our experience in collections, disputes and query management. The tool consolidates collection processes across teams and services.

Web Collect O2C Pro

A web-based front-end interface allows customers (external), sales representatives, customer service and operations (internal) employees to work together in real-time.


This process improves communication, expedites payment and dispute resolution and reduces operating costs while working capital is optimized through quicker cycle time to cash collection.


Typically, clients can expect reduction of DSO by 5-10 days, increased cash collection by 10% and a 20% increase in efficiency.

Implementation of Webcollect offers the following additional benefits:

  • Quick implementation which would accelerate transformation
  • Reuse of industry acclaimed best practices and methodology without reinventing the wheel
  • Being a readily available third-party technology, configuration time would be significantly reduced and new IT development minimized
  • Real time collaboration enabled between customers (external), sales representatives, customer service and operations (internal) through the use of online portals, thus resulting in improved communication, expedited payment and resolution of disputes, and reduction of operating costs. Ultimately, the integrated approach would contribute towards improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the Order to Cash cycle as well as improved collaboration and visibility within your enterprise.

SaaS, Hosted and Deployed solutions available. For more information visit www.o2cpro.com

VWi Working Capital Management BPO Service Diagram