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Medical Group Revenue Cycle Optimization

Technology and Target Operating Model Focus Though a Process Specific Approach:


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Insights and Analytic Driven RCM
Accelerating Revenue
VWi Experience

VWi's Medical Group, Specialty Practice, and Physician Revenue Cycle Management solutions deliver a collaborative end-to-end back-office for single-physician practices to large group shared services solutions. Our solution stack delivers efficiency from submitting billing claims, managing AR, or specific support project engagements. All of our solutions provide the outcomes to improve collections rates, lower claims cycle time-to cash and capture the most challenging of hard-to-collect payor reimbursement. Our approach allows you to flex and scale resource and process needs.

  • Tailored services delivering financial improvement, cash-flow acceleration and enhanced patient satisfaction across specialties.

  • We communicate clearly and listen carefully to help patients manage their healthcare financial responsibilities.

  • Visibility and insight to support decision-making and growth.

  • A constant focus on patient experience improves collection rates and customer satisfaction metrics.​

Medical Group Solutions

Our expert revenue cycle management team knows the challenges you are up against and provides an end-to-end solution through understanding the intricate needs of your enterprise. We start with our Domain Experts:


  • Experts from specific revenue cycle processes and provider types.

  • Knowledge of the latest regulatory developments, coding requirements, reimbursement rules and standards

  • An innovative combination of effective technology

Growth through Leadership, Innovation and People who deliver results. Our Mission: with you, we create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want.

Delivering Experts Dedicated to Your Engagement
Ai and RPM Solutions for RCM

VWi from our founding has designed our solution architecture to deliver outstanding industry and process expertise as a customized set of offers to your agenda. Regardless of your size or project scope, speak with us. Our willingness to partner and consult are a unique quality of our industry to VWi and are the basis for our extensive year over year growth.

Listening and Delivering to your Agenda
VWi Additional Value
  • Adaptive workflow

  • Voice Analytics and QA process Intelligence

  • Excellence in Customer Service

  • Exceptional performance record helping clients improve business outcomes

  • Data Transmission Integration and IT support of outsourced solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing
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