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Optimizing the Patient Experience

Technology Enabled by                   and a Target Operating Model Which Focuses on a Process Specific Approach:


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Patient Experience Optimized
Technology Enabled by Experts

A positive patient experience is a primary factor in delivering improved medical outcomes. As an essential component of healthcare quality, patient experience includes aspects of healthcare delivery that patients value highly when they seek and receive care, such as getting timely appointments, easy access to information and good communication with healthcare providers.


VWi understands the patient experience is a key step in moving toward patient-centered care. VWi’s expertise in Revenue Cycle Management Solutions and our dedication to technology by leveraging our proprietary patient communication platform balance the fine line between performance and overall patient outcome satisfaction. By analyzing the patient experience, end-to-end, you are able to assess the extent to which patients are receiving care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

  • We communicate effectively by phone, text, email, portal and automations which provide a frictionless engagement for Statements, Payments, and Financial Support.

  • Personalized payment arrangements are developed based on patient information.

  • Automated alerts help patients stay on track and On-Tme

  • A constant focus on ease of payments, patient experience, and data driven insights  improves collection rates and customer satisfaction metrics.​

Insights and Analytics
Patient Communication
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Ai and RPA Patient Collections Platform
VWi Infrastructure Brings Greater Value

VWi provides AI and RPA Driven Solutions with Portal, Text, inbound and outbound patient communication and engagement solutions to support the development and growth of core business optimization. We deliver a focused effort toward empathetic, efficient and effective communication with patients.


VWi takes a logical approach to Interacting with patients using convenient communication strategies. The design is built upon patient demographics and analytics to drive best contract rates.


All of this to allow your internal resources to focus on other areas of the revenue cycle while expanding your capacity without adding staff.

VWi Results
  • 100% USA Onshore Delivery

  • Relentless focus upon HIPAA, compliance, and security

  • The collaborative platform for multi-industry and specialty healthcare experts

  • Technology or application to accelerate your automation agenda

  • Multiple Locations and Business Continuity

  • Scalability for all financial processes

Platform and Workflow
  • RCM Cash Improvements through 20% faster cycle time to cash

  • Automation and Process Efficiency provide 15-20% cost reductions 

  • Insights and Analytics for continuous improvement and AI driven quality auditing

  • Scalable solutions provide optimized target operating model

  • Risk / Reward Outcomes-based commercial model for optimum accountability

Regardless of VWi platform or use of your systems, VWi enables a set of tools to optimize strategy, insights, and productivity. Examples of our enabling toolset provide:


  • Workflow is designed to encourage proactive connection to avoid duplicative, unnecessary work

  • Account segmentation and risk analysis

  • Escalation and Risk Log data prioritization

  • Compliance monitoring through Voice Analytics

  • Data security monitoring

  • Training and continuous improvement analytics


Revenue Cycle Management
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